There are a wide range of Ventrilo communities, most consisting of gaming clans and guilds. Although there are also a large number of servers that are used for small organizations. Ventrilo communities can be a big source of 'drama'.

Guilds & ClansEdit

Using Ventrilo to communicate has become very important in today's gaming society, some believe that if one does not have Ventrilo, they are at a disadvantage. Which is true in most cases. In recent events, Ventrilo servers that are owned by a Guild or Clan seem to have the highest 'security', as in having a large number of admins. In order to stop spammers and 'trolls'. Whereas the smaller Ventrilo servers generally have 1 admin to control the server.

Small Ventrilo CommunitiesEdit

The smaller Ventrilo communities, strangely, tend to consist of more arguments and drama than the larger Ventrilo. This is probably due to having 2 or 3 groups of friends within the community. The admin is normally friends with them all. Though, of course, it can never be confirmed if this is the case for every Ventrilo server.

Normally, smaller Ventrilo communities are generally just for friends to talk to each other and chill out. Though, most try to advertise their server to gain more members, therefore more reputation.